Eve Echoes Global Release Date To Be Announced Next Week

NetEase Games and CCP earlier planned to release EVE Echoes globally in early 2020, but unfortunately, the launch was postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. But it looks like we finally may have a piece of good news for the Eve fans out there.

After multiple beta testing, Eve Echoes is finally all set to be released globally. However, we do not have an exact date of launch yet, but by the end of next week, we will know precisely when Eve Echoes will be arriving on the mobile devices.


In February, CCP stated that the Eve Echoes would be released sometime in late 2020, but recently an announcement has made of the official social media channels of the game that says that a Live-Stream event will be hosted by the developers on 17 May 2020. Amongst other things, the release date of Eve Echoes will be announced during this live event.


According to some rumors, the launch of Eve Echoes is very close, and it will happen sooner than we all are expecting. But the news is true or not, that we will only find out when the official word on eve echoes release date arrives on 17 May.

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About Eve Echoes:

EVE Echoes is an MMO that is set in space and lets you experience a real adventure where you decide your fate of all times. The game is a mobile version of the spectacular sandbox ‘EVE Online’ situated in a different universe, which is one of the most noteworthy online games. It brings the same faithful experience to mobile devices