Through the Darkest of Times Is Now Available To Download

In our previous post, we told you about the Pre-registration of Through the Darkest of Times strategy game. Now Handy Games has officially released the game for mobile devices, in which you will lead an underground resistance group who is fighting against the dark time of Nazis in Berlin 1933.


In this game, you have to gather people who are publically standing against the dark time. But be careful don't get caught by patrolling National Socialists, or by the German military, as they can beat or even kill you.

Your goal is to deal with small blows to the regime by dropping leaflets, painting messages on walls, sabotaging, gathering information, and recruiting more followers, while staying undercover.

This is a pure strategy based game, in which you will experience 4 chapters in which you will take responsibility to fight for freedom, weaken the regime, and lead your resistance group.

So get ready to lead and give people the freedom they deserve. Download Through the Darkest of Times for both Android and iOS devices from Google Play Store and App Store, respectively, at the cost of $6.99.