Free Fire New Elite Pass (Season 24) Exclusive Rewards Details

Free Fire Season 24 Elite Pass (EP) is about to make its way to the game and will be taking the Survivors to a parallel universe in the 1800s. The new Elite Pass is going to be called 'Forsaken Creed.'

Free Fire Forsaken Creed Elite Pass is filled with guns, mutants, samurai, and plenty of other rewards. The center of attraction in the Elite Pass is Unseen Custodian Bundle & Shadow Custodian Bundle.


The Free Fire Forsaken Creed EP stars two major characters: Ichika and Mitsuo. Both of them are secret Imperial Elite Guard, which is on the edge of getting wiped out due to the growing population of mutants in the region. The cause of people becoming mutated is not known to anyone. What known is, if they are not taken out as quickly as possible, humanity is under a major threat.

Ichika and Mitsuo have been given the task to eliminate one mutant in particular, and they are on the mission from the past several months. In the meantime, they also go up the mountain forests to kill mutants in the hope of retaking their village one day.

There are various types of costumes already available in the Free fire. To improve and enrich the gaming experience of all the players, it explores various exciting designs. But this time, Free Fire was willing to introduce something that hasn't been touched upon.

Free Fire took inspiration from the 1800s and chose the Unseen Custodian & Shadow Custodian Bundles. Apart from that, there are subtle dragon patterns that represent the highest royalty ranking as well as being invincible and sacred. The overall style is powerful, mighty, and sharp.

The Free Fire Season 24 Elite Pass Rewards Include:

  • Unseen Custodian Bundle (Male)
  • Shadow Custodian Bundle (Female)
  • Forsaken Blade (Surfboard Skin)
  • Forsaken Creed Spikebag (Backpack Skin)
  • Dragon's Creed (Loot Box Skin)
  • Forsaken Creed Grenade (Grenade Skin)
  • Pan Forsaken Creed (Pan Skin)
  • Gatling - Forsaken Creed (Gatling Gun / Machine Gun skin)
  • Forsaken Creed Jeep (Jeep Skin)

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