Free Fire Wonderland Party Event: Mysterious Eggs, Free Character, Skins, Level Up Card & Much More

Free Fire has introduced the most significant event in the game after Kapella Patch to make your quarantine days cheerful. Free Fire has introduced a new event called 'Join the Wonderland Party' in the game. The event is divided into several parts starting from today (12th April) and will last in the game till 26th April.

The new event is available under the 'FF Wonderland' section and is divided into three major groups of days. The first one is 12th to 20th April, the second is 19th April, and the third is 16th to 26th April 2020. Below, we are going to discuss all the events in detail.


12-20th April 2020

Between 12th to 20th April 2020, you can collect mysterious eggs in the game and exchange them with various rewards, and the grand prize for the same is the 'Bunny Egghunter Bundle.' There are two types: Blue and Red mysterious eggs available in the game. Both of the eggs were also introduced in the game a long back, and now they have made the entry back.

There are two ways to collect the eggs. The first way is, you can collect Blue/Red eggs by logging into the game between 12th to 20th April 2020. The second way is, you can pick Blue Eggs in the map while playing the matches just like the normal loot lying on the ground, and the Red Eggs can be collected from the in-game Airship Drop between 19th to 20th April.

Apart from the grand prize 'Bunny Egghunt Set,' there are various other rewards in the game that you can redeem in exchange for the Red and Blue Mysterious Eggs. The rewards can be redeemed in the FF Wonderland -> Mysterious Egg Exchange tab. The rewards available in exchange for mysterious eggs include:

  • Incubator Voucher -Red Egg x 4
  • Weapon Royale Voucher - Blue Egg x 6
  • Cubic Bunny - Legendary Helmet Skin (Permanent) - Blue Egg x 20 or Red Egg x 12
  • Egg Hunting Craze - Legendary Surfboard Skin (Permanent) - Blue Egg x 20 or Red Egg x 5
  • Bunny Egghunter Set (Grand Prize) - Blue Egg x 48 or Red Egg x 12

The Helmet and Surfboard skins are the legendary skins that were introduced in the game a long time ago in an exchange of diamonds. But through the Free Fire Wonderland Party Event, you are getting them absolutely for free.

If you can't wait for collecting enough mysterious eggs to redeem the Bunny Egghunter Bundle, head straight to the FF Wonderland -> Wonderland Surprise tab right now, you can get the set for the trial period of 7 days. So grab it right now for a temporary period, and start playing for making it permanent.

19th April 2020

In Free Fire, the upcoming Sunday (19th April 2020) is going to be the main day of the Free Fire Wonderland Party Event. On this day, five surprises will take place in the game.

1. All Guns Legendary Skin Unlocked: On 19th April 2020, Free Fire will unlock all the Legendary Skins for various guns in the game. But these skins will be available only for a period of 24 hours. To collect what you just need to do is 'login into the game' on 19th April. You can collect the skins from FF Wonderland -> 19/4 Full Gun Skin Unlock tab.

2. Free Character + Level 6 Card: If you log in on 19th April, you get a character and level 6 card absolutely for free. In the FF Wonderland -> 19/4 Choose A Character tab, you get to choose the character you want. The duration of the character will be permanent, so get ready to grab your favorite character.

You not only get the character, but you get the level 6 card with that, so you can level up your favorite character to level 6 instantly. If you do not want any character, here is also an option for Weapon Roayle Voucher x 3 + Level 6 Card, you can simply choose that.

3. Ultimate Sunday: On 19th April 2020, you can collect four rewards in the FF Wonderland -> 19/4 Ultimate Sunday tab.

  • Character Fragment x 100 - Collect by playing 1 match
  • Awakening Shard Token - Collect by playing 1 match
  • UMP- Lively Beast Skin: Collect by BOOYAH 1 time in Rank Match

The duration of the rewards is permanent, so don't forget to collect them by logging into the game and by doing 1 BOOYAH in Rank Match.

4. Magic Cube Fragment Match Reward: It is expected that instead of normal rewards at the end of the match, you will receive Magic Cube Fragments on the 19th April 2020. You can exchange these Magic Cube Fragments for the various rewards in the event section.

5. New Mode - Kill Confirmed Opens: A new mode called 'Kill Confirmed' mode will be made available in the Free Fire on 19th April. Whether it will only be available for one day or 19th is the opening day, nothing is known as of now.

16-26th April 2020

Join Wonderland Bingo: Free Fire will be introducing a new event called 'Join Wonderland Bingo' on 16th April 2020 and will be there in the game till 26th April 2020. Just like the above mentioned various small events, in this event also you have to complete the missions.

In consideration of completing the missions, you will be rewarded with a Lootbox Skin and a Backpack skin. Just like the grand prize of wonderland Party event, these skins are also going to be based on the Bunny theme.

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