PUBG Mobile: New Diamond Currency And How To Get It

Tencent Games is all set to bring back to back updates in PUBG Mobile, as in one of our previous posts, we informed you about PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Beta and its features such as Miramar 2.0, New Game modes, and other stuff. But we completely forgot to talk about the new upcoming currency in PUBG Mobile - the Diamond Currency.


But don't you worry anymore, because in this post we are going to talk only about PUBG Mobile Diamond Currency, how to get it, what will it be used for and everything else about it.

What is Diamond Currency in PUBG Mobile?

Before anything, let us tell you that a Diamond Currency is a new currency in PUBG Mobile, just like UC and Coins. As of now, the currency is only available in the PUBG Mobile Beta version 0.18.0, and it is expected that it will be added to the global version of PUBG Mobile in the first week of May. However, do keep in mind that it is not officially confirmed, and thus it may further be delayed.

How To Get Diamond Currency?

PUBG Mobile players will be able to collect Diamonds by completing daily missions and tasks. Basically, players won't be required to spend actual money to get this currency; they can simply get it by playing and completing a few easy tasks every day. However, the players will have the option to buy them with UC too.

Royal Pass users will also receive extra diamonds as rewards when their RP level increases.

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What will be the use of Diamond Currency in PUBG Mobile?

Diamond Currency can be used to ban items in crates. Don't worry, we are here to explain further.

The diamond Currency in PUBG Mobile can be used to ban certain items. For example, let's say you want to draw premium crates, then you can use this diamond currency to let's say ban ordinary items - so now when you withdrew the premium crate, you will have more chances to win legendary and mythic items. Or you can ban legendary items which you have already got to get a new one.