Free Fire Introduced 'Buy 1 Get 2 Free' Event With Free Permanent Gun Skins

Every Free Fire players wish to get the Gun skins in the game, but the cost you have to pay for that requires to take a loan from the bank (just kidding). But the developers also cannot make them available for free or at a low price because it is also the source of income for them.

But it seems like the OB21 update that is going to make its way on 8th April is going to bring a smile on the face of true Free Fire lovers. Because after the Clash Squad Missions, which allows you to earn tokens and redeem them with legendary gun skins, Free Fire has come up with another event to get the gun skins.


This time, Free Fire has come up with an event called 'Buy 1 Get 2 Free' in the game. This event is the best time to take out the pocket money you have saved. Because this event is offering items to you with up to 80% discount and apart from that for every purchase, you get 2 free items. The event period is from 6th April to 12th April 2020.

As you enter the 'Buy 1 Get 2 Free' event section, you get to see 4 items at the left and 8 items on the right side of your screen. You have to choose 1 item from the left side to buy that are available at the discounted price of up to 80% off, and with that, you get two items on the right for free at random. Items that you have purchased will be grayed out and removed from the prize pool.

Items to be bought includes:

  1. 10x Diamond Royale Voucher - Discounted Price - 300 Diamonds [Original Price - 800 Diamonds]
  2. Black and Gold Shorts - Discounted Price - 200 Diamonds [Original Price - 400 Diamonds]
  3. Character Level 8 Card -Discounted Price - 500 Diamonds [Original Price - 5000 Diamonds]
  4. Night Panther - Discounted Price - 349 Diamonds [Original Price - 699 Diamonds]

Items available for free includes:

  1. Scar - Phantom Assassin Skin
  2. SKS - Phantom Assassin Skin
  3. Assassin Weapon Crates x 6

If you wish to buy all the 4 items and get all the 8 items for free, then you have to spend 1349 Diamonds in total. This looks like to be a nice deal to get this much of items. So collect all the items before the event ends on the 12th April 2020.

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