Free Fire OB21 Update Official Patch Notes Released: Clash Squad Goes Ranked

Free Fire is getting a new OB21 update on 8th April 2020. The developers also opened an advanced server this time for the players to experience the new features of the game before they get released on the global server. Through various articles, we tried to tell you the upcoming features of the OB21 update, and we are happy to share with you that almost all the features are making their way to the Free Fire.


The official Patch Notes of Free Fire OB21 Update are out now. Have a look at them below to get to know the developer’s words about what is coming in Free Fire with the OB21 update.

Clash Squad

Rank Mode for Clash Squad

“Clash Squad has already become one of the core game modes of Free Fire besides the Classic Battle Royale. We have received feedback from many of you guys saying that you hope you could take game mode to a competitive level and we also believe there’s potential for it. This patch, we’re launching Clash Squad – Ranked for you guys to fight for the spots on the top of the ladder. This mode will have a separate and different ranking mechanism than the Rank Mode in Battle Royale. We’re keeping the Casual Mode for Clash Squad available for players who are still getting ready, but otherwise, it’s time to rank up!” 

  • Clash Squad – Pre Season will be live on 04/09 15:00 SGT

Smoke Grenade

Available in Clash Squad Store
“The smoke grenade has been one on most of your wish lists since the release of the smoke barrel. We’re giving it a try in Clash Squad this season to see what kind of strategic gameplays you guys will develop with this added to the game.”

  • Available in Clash Squad only.
  • Each player can only carry one smoke grenade.
  • Price: 300
  • Smoke Duration: 25s 

Clash Squad – Store Update

Available in Clash Squad Casual & Ranked
“We’re changing the pricing and replacing some weapons based on the popularity from last season. Expect more changes throughout the season as we continue to put in effort to balance Clash Squad’s gameplay.”

  • Replaced the UMP with M60.
  • Replaced the CG-15 with Thompson.
  • Replaced the Flash Grenade with Smoke Grenade.
  • Kar98k now comes with the Biometric Scope.
  • Increased the price for the XM8 & M1014.

New Character – Kapella

Available in Free Fire Store
“Kapella – A lead singer of a Kpop band has joined Free Fire!”

Healing Song- Increase the effects of healing items by 10/12/14/16/18/20%, healing skills by 10%. Reduce ally HP loss when downed by 20/22/24/26/28/30%. Effects do not stack. 


Available in all modes
“You guys asked and we delivered.”

  • Motorbike now supports two players.


Available in Classic mode
“We’re introducing a new weapon, Thompson, in this patch. The Thompson is an SMG with a large magazine, it provides less stopping power compared to the MP40, but the consistency of the weapon is outstanding in mid-to-close range.”

  • Damage: 50
  • Rate of fire: 77
  • Magazine: 40
  • Accuracy: 34
  • Reload: 48
  • Range: 33


Weapon stats adjustment
“We felt like the performance of the MP5 was still a bit off even after adding the Electrical Booster. We are buffing the MP5 a little bit to increase its viability in mid-to-close range combat.”

  • Rate of fire +25%
  • Accuracy +7%
  • Movement Speed while shooting +20%
  • Effective Range +13%
  • Removed the grip attachment slot
  • Precise shots first 3->6


Weapon stats adjustment
“The UMP performs really well at the beginning of a match, but it falls off sharply because of the low effectiveness against armor. We are increasing the armor penetration and damage by a bit to increase its viability against armored enemies.”

  • Damage +1
  • Min. Damage +5
  • Armor penetration +25%
  • Recoil -25%
  • Movement Speed +15%
  • Range -5%


Weapon stats adjustment
“The M1887 was a bit strong compared to other shotguns because of its extremely low reload time, leaving the opponent almost no chance for counterplay. We are increasing the reload time on the M1887 and reducing the minimum damage to make sure there is a window of opportunity for other players to react.”

  • Armor Penetration +6%
  • Rate of Fire +4%
  • Reload -30%
  • Min. Damage -1

New Pet – Ottero

Available in the Free Fire Store on 04/13
“*chirp chirp…**chirp chirp…*”

Double Blubber- When using a treatment gun or medkit, the receiver will also recover some EP. Amount of EP recovered is 30/50/65% of the HP recovered.


Available in all modes on 04/18
“An airship will be overseeing Bermuda during the Wonderland event! Make sure you keep your heads up to see what kind of surprise it brings you.”

  • Available in Classic and Rank mode.

Other Optimizations

  • Players can no longer hide on top of foliages.
  • Parachuting will now display backpack skin.
  • Added a setting to reduce the auto-pickup delay.
  • Added Camo box (camouflage) in Kalahari
  • Players will no longer cancel picking up mushrooms by double-clicking the consume button. 
  • Using active skill while scoping will no longer unscope the weapon.
  • Optimize the special effects for treasure maps.
  • Players can now see if they’re in a ranked or casual match.
  • TDM and Clash Squad match results and end-screen optimization.
  • Added a gallery for Elite Passes.
  • Elite Pass main page UI optimization.
  • Daily login reward button has been reduced in size
  • Added additional missions for Elite Pass and Weekly Challenges
  • Gamecenter log in is now supported.
  • Added Kalahari into the survivor manual.
  • Players can now quick-equip a character’s exclusive item upon unlocking.
  • Players can now purchase character fragments in the character selection menu.

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