Beyond This Side, a supernatural adventure coming soon

Beyond This Side is a point and click supernatural adventure game developed by Glim Games. This game is expected to launch for iOS and Android devices in about 2 weeks.

In this game the players will take up the role of Sam who is searching for his missing wife. With the single clue he begins his journey to find out his wife. What he does not know is that both dark powers and underworld are involved in this incident.


As you progress through the game you will overcome many strange characters and even the supernatural events. On the way, you will also be solving little puzzles involved. You will also need to note down minute details that will be useful on your way.

This game has already launched for the PC and is well received. It will be launching of the iOS and Android platform soon. It will be launching on 16th April. If you are interested in chilling adventure games then you should definitely look out for Beyond This Side once it comes out.