Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Mayhem By Panda Arcade - Game Review

Pico Tanks is a PvP multiplayer game developed by the Panda Arcade. The developers have done an excellent job for their first game. In this post, we are going to share with you a detailed review of the game.

Pico tanks is an excellent game; it occupies a space of 333MB on your device. The graphics and gameplay are outstanding. It is a fast-paced multiplayer shooter game.


You have to capture the flag and hold it until the timer runs out. The maps in the game are small, thus making the game very intense and fast-paced. You can team up with three of your friends and fight others, or you can auto-match with up to three people.

The game is a 3v3 challenge. Matchmaking is pretty quick. You can customize your tanks, by upgrading the cannon, motor, and ability. A tank can have up to three abilities.

On top of that, you've got different bodies, armor types, and power-ups to select from. The power-ups, in particular, seem to be a highlight, therefore giving you the option to support your teammates with repair kits or call down devastating airstrikes to turn the tide of battle.

It is an innovative game because the game stands out from the other multiplayer games. You will be addicted to this game for months. This is the first-ever game from Panda Arcade, and while playing it, you will get to see the hard work put by the team behind it. It seems like one of the best arcade multiplayer games.

Cosmetics are also a big draw here, giving you the option to dress up your tank in a pizza skin or stick a "Rubber Ducky" on your antenna.

Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Mayhem is available to download on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.