Respawnables Heroe: An Action-Shooter Game Releases on iOS

Digital games has launched the Respawnables Heroes game in the iOS platform. It is an action packed shooter game that is the latest addition to the Respawnables series.


Respawnables Heroes is a tactical action shooter game. It has a PvP multiplayer mode where four players take on four opponents. Each Character has an unique ability and gear which has to be used tactfully to win the battles. In the 4v4 battle good teamwork and timely use of the abilities is crucial for victory.

Respawnables Heroes story takes place in a world where humans have reached the worst case scenario in the climatic change. As a result they face wildfires, floods, and extreme weather taking them closer to the collapse of the planet. This is when a team of scientists join hands to find a solution to the scenario. How they try to stop the damage forms the rest of the story.

Respawnables Heroes was in the works for three years.

Consequently, if you are a lover of action packed games then you can definitely give this game a try. It is currently available only on App Store and the launch date for Android is currently unknown.