Free Fire Mystery Shop 8.0 Release Date Has Been Confirmed

Free Fire is having a very special collaboration with Ragnarok Online for a limited time. Ragnarok Online is a popular MMORPG by Gravity Interactive. As a result of this collaboration, you must have seen many features and events based on this popular MMORPG, and a lot of others will be making their way soon.


Leave them apart; it is time for another Mystery Shop in Free Fire. If you don't know, Mystery Shop is an in-game shop event in Free Fire that offers the players in-game items at a massively discounted price. Last Mystery Shop - Mystery Shop 7.0, was based on the T.R.A.P. event.

Now, the Mystery Shop 8.0 will be making its way to Free Fire, and as mentioned earlier, it will be based on Free Fire x Ragnarok Online Collaboration. Free Fire Brazil's official twitter handle has confirmed the release date of Free Fire Mystery Shop 8.0 as 24th March 2020, so on other servers also, it can be expected on the same day.

Mystery Shop 8.0 is going to be Free Fire's in-game shop event and is going to offer up to 90% discount on the various in-game items. The show stoppers of the Mystery Shop 7.0 were the new skins for Moco and Antonio, but for the Mystery Shop 8.0, let's wait for some time.

The spinning of a lucky wheel will decide the percentage of the discount. The first draw is going to be free for all the Free Fire players, whatever percentage players get in the spin will be their available discount. Players also have the option of re-spin, but for that, they will have to pay some in-game currency (diamonds), which is not feasible for all players.

Mystery Shop 8.0 is going to be based on the Ragnarok theme as per the collaboration that took place recently. As per the leaks, you can expect Ragnarok Skins, Masks, and other items along with Samurai Faceless And Kendoka Blindfold Bundles, that recently made entry into the game through Magic Card Event.

The leaks have also suggested that Mystery Shop 8.0 will not be having Alok available in it. The closing date of Free Fire Mystery Shop 8.0 has not been announced yet.

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