CSR Racing 2 launches new Elite customs which includes massive customization for cars

Zynga's CSR racing 2 is one of the finest drag racing games out there in the market with great visuals and a huge car pack with lots of races to compete into and now Zynga has pushed another update with huge customization feature called Elite Customs.


Through this feature you now get access to exclusive custom paints, liveries, interior, license plates also swapping in new wheels. Elite customs gives you freedom to add various decals which means that you can add numbers, crew name, as well as your name and even any country flag.

Elite parts can be earned by winning in player-versus-player showdown. As you win more and more races you will get RP Bonuses, Fusion Parts and Star Rarity Boosts.

As of now you can customize and upgrade eight legendary vehicles with Elite mods and more vehicles will be added. Once you max out all these vehicles with Elite upgrades you will be able to win the heroic Ford GT40 Mk2

elitsIf you haven't checked out CSR Racing's 2 drag strips and whips visit the Play Store and App Store  and

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