Dragon Raja: Different Classes Guide

Dragon Raja is a 3D MMORPG developed by Tencent Games and is set in a futuristic world. Dragon Raja combat system offers a much more dynamic experience than other titles in the genre. There are various characters in the game which are divided into four classes. The classes come with different roles and unique abilities. So to make the gaming experience interesting, you need to understand each and every class. 


In this post, we are going to share with you detailed information about each character class available in Dragon Raja so that you can choose the most suitable class according to your playstyle.

Blade Master

Position: Warrior / Tank


Weapons: Sword and Blade

Class Introduction

Anyone who could claim the name of Blade Master are geniuses who could really wield their swords and blade. They always carry to legendary weapons by their side. Meitou and Large Rachi. During combat, they could swiftly change their fighting positions and unleash different skills.

Unique Abilities

  1. Moongazer: Strike a swift back to the current enemy to make him fly in the air. Then perform a fast multi-stage attack to the flying enemy.
  2. Turmoil - Red Lotus: Deal physical damage to at most five enemies upfront. Switch to Large Rachi mode. Deal damage with additional burning effect.
  3. Blossom Dance: Perform a slash and deal with physical damages to at most five enemies. Adding Sakura effects to the target. Lasts 6 seconds and CD is 12 seconds.


Position: Gunner

Ranged DPS

Weapons: Guns

Class Introduction

Gunslingers are the sharpest hunters on the battlefields. Once they have selected an enemy, there'll be no way out. Meanwhile, the Gunslinger also possesses the most luxury armory - practicle Beam, SPI Landmine, HMG, Tesla Solenoid, and even … Stellite of Divine Judgment.

Unique Abilities

  1. SPI Landmine: Summon a small landmine, lasts 20 seconds. When there is a target approaching, it will track the target, deal damage, and cause floating effects.
  2. Heat Blast: Call up Satellite to lock on the target. Three seconds later, release Heat Blast, causing significant damage and stun effect to the target and five enemies nearby.
  3. Stealth Camouflage: Turn to invisible status. During this status, Gunslingers cannot be selected. But they will still get injured from AOE effects.

Soul Dancer

Position: Support / Mage

Support and Healer

Weapons: Floating Sandglass

Class Introduction

All Soul Dancers have a shadow form like a twin sister or brother who would never leave their side. Scholars believe that these are actually their reflections from another dimension. Soul Dancers could heal themselves by speeding up time and offer strong support for their teammates.

Unique Abilities

  1. Witch's Kiss: Use forbidden magic to turn the target into a little yellow duck that cannot attack. Reduce the physical and magical defense of the target. It lasts for 3 seconds.
  2. Time Lock: Twist the time and stop the time of the enemies around for 3 seconds.
  3. Phase Shock: Teleported immediately to the shock point. Deal a large amount of magic damage to a maximum of 5 enemies and make the damaged enemies more vulnerable for 8 seconds.


Position: Wizard / Assassin

Melee + Ranged DPS

Weapons: Special Exoskeleton

Class Introduction

Equipped with Next-Gen weapons, which combine Dragon Blood and modern technology. Assassins could transform their weapons into different shapes to attack enemies. With their powerful weapons, Assassins could handle very complicated combats. They have two available forms - Normal and Raid.

Unique Abilities

  1. Moonlight: Throw a twirling wheel to a direction. During the effective time, Assassin could use Moon Shadow to teleport to the wheel and cause expansion.
  2. Crystal Coffin: Be sealed into a Crystal Coffin. Immune to all damage but also cannot move or use skills. Lasts maximum for 8 seconds. This skill could be canceled manually.
  3. Dark Hunt: Turn invisible and mark a target. If the target could be demolished within the marked period, the CD of all skills in the Raid form will be refreshed.

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