Sonar Smash is a cute shoot 'em up for Android and iOS releasing this April

​Sonar Smash is a super cute, fast paced shoot 'em up from Pixel Pajama Studios where you will be controlling an adorable dolphin and smashing your way through endlessly scaling waves using unique and powerful sonar abilities. The game will be out on both iOS and Android devices on 8th April.

Sonar Smash is a shoot 'em up offering unique retro theme with its classic pixel art animations. You will be using the powerful sonic ability of the dolphin and defeating 7 different sea creatures which include Pufferfish, Sting Ray, Octopus and much more. They will also retaliate with their own power so make sure to stay as long as possible.


There are 7 different sonar abilities to fight your way through aquatic creatures and to unlock these you need to collect the rings which will appear throughout the level and use them to purchase through the randomly occurring vendor. You can also make the dolphin even more stronger by restoring hp, buying stat upgrades and gaining boost.

Sonar Smash can now be pre-ordered from the App Store and Play Store until its released on 8th April. It will be a free-to-play title with in-app purchases.

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