Free Fire Reopened Kalahari Map For Limited Time

Along with the various rewards of T.R.A.P. event, today, on 1st February, Garena has brought a surprise to the players by reopening the Kalahari Map in Free Fire for a limited time of period. The Kalahari Map is available in the game from 1st February to 5th February. 


With the reopening of Kalahari Map, developers have introduced a brand new 4v4 mode 'Team DeathMatch' in Free Fire. You can check out the details of the Free Fire TDM Mode.

The Kalahari Map was initially released on 12th December and is a Desert based map; this map brings the Military Base location about which the Free Fire players may already know, as it used to exist on the Purgatory Map but has been removed. It returned to the Kalahari map as a Shelter point. This map also has a lot of high grounds, which brings you a lot of exchanges with fewer covers.

The interesting fact is, the Desert based Kalahari map is based on a real location which is located in the southern part of the African Continent, which includes Vostawal, Angola, Namibia, and South Africa. If you missed having fights on the battlefield located in Desert earlier, do not miss out on this chance. The Kalahari map is available until 5th February in Free Fire.

Free Fire is available to download on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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