Table Top Racing: World Tour ‘Nitro Edition’ Is Now Available For Android

Table Top Racing: World Tour’s “Nitro Edition” is finally updated for Android devices following its iOS release last November. Table Top is a multiplayer racing game where you get to race with ultra-cool miniature cars not on a real road but inside the house on a track laid out throughout the house or even on a yacht.


There are over 16 different cars with 30 unique table-top race tracks and compete in over 180 events. Choose from 8 cunning ‘Power-ups’ and 6 unique ‘Weapon Wheels’ to outrun your opponents and grab those gold super coins. Compete in 9 unique game modes which include Combat, Drift, Time Trial, Hot-Lap, Pursuit, Eliminator, Pure, Checkpoint and Overtake.

Now since its a Nitro Edition, it comes with a 2 Player Split-screen mode available both online and offline with compatible controllers. Table Top Racing- Nitro Edition can now be grabbed from Play Store  and iOS users can get it from App Store.

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