Space Grunts 2 Is Now Available To Pre-Register On Android

Space Grunts 2 was released on iOS last month but there was no news as to when this game will appear on Play Store but now developer OrangePixel has allowed the pre-registrations for Android devices too.


Space Grunts 2 is a card-battling game where it is set in a 1950's sci-fi rogue-like setting. You will be starting off by finding yourself on an abandoned planet from there you make yourself out of the space station, fight aliens, robots and sustain yourself in the hazardous environment by using a deck of cards.

Before each run, you will get to add cards and build the deck. Some cards will help you more than just killing the aliens like accessing different areas and machines so that you can find alternatives and avoid the battle. You can also explore the stage more rather than just completing it because you might find rare cards and sources.

SG2 is available on App Store as a premium title and Android users can pre-register it on Google Play Store too.


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