My Winter Album is now available for Android and iOS

Tepes Ovidiu released their new puzzle game My Winter Album where you have to restore Grandma's favourite memories of winter which are broke into pieces. It is now available on for iOS and Android devices.


As Grandmas's collection is broken into pieces you will be playing as her grandchildren and you are supposed to put those back together. You will be given a scene or a memory where you will have to rotate the puzzled thing and until it is fixed. Well visually the game looks really fantastic and you will have great time solving the puzzles.

The scenes will mostly have a Christmas theme since its winter as you can see in the trailer too. There are around 24 memories to fix so it won't take much time to solve. You can just sit back and enjoy this Christmas season and this game has a lot of vibes of it.

Screenshot Image

My Winter Album is a premium title available on App Store and Google Play