American Football Management Simulator 'Pocket GM 20' Is Now Available For iOS

Jonathan Howell has released the Americal Football Management Simulator mobile game 'Pocket GM 20' for iOS devices. If you ever played Football Manager games, you will find out the gameplay is much similar. In this game, you manage everything outside the matches themselves as a General Manager (GM), there is no interference of yours in the in-game decision as a coach.


You just sit back and expect your team to bring victory home, it massively influences you that what happens with your chosen team. But you choose the person who is going to make all the big decisions during a game, i.e. Head Coach.

Apart from that, there are various aspects of your team including rosters, drafting new talent and trading players. There are various club related matters which you need to solve before going to watch the matches.

Pocket GM 20 is available to download on iOS App Store at the cost of £0.99.

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