'Homerun Clash' By 'Haegin' Gets A Huge Season 2 Update

A new stadium, 2 new battlers, 13 new gears and skills, better re-designed menus and what not! Yes, Homerun Clash is here with its biggest update (season 2 update) and you just can't resist it. In this post, we are going to share with your everything you need to know about this new season 2 update in Homerun Clash.


But before that for the players unaware let us tell you that Homerun Clash is an arcade-style home run derby game featuring real-time multiplayer PvP, single-player challenge mode, bi-weekly tournaments, and clan battles. The gameplay is fast and exciting, with simple controls and high-quality graphics. You can also have a look at the game's trailer below to get a sneak-peak.

Everything You Need To Know About Homerun Clash Season 2 Update:

1 Year Anniversary Home Run Event

Players will be rewarded with special Anniversary Coins for doing all sorts of activities within the game which can be exchanged for prizes including chests, cards, gold, and gems.

Home Run Pass

The update will also add the Home Run Pass which when purchased, eliminates wait times between match star chests so players can keep playing without limit and get extra rewards every time they open a star chest.

New Stadium, 2 New Battlers And 13 New Gears & Skills

With the addition of the 7th ancient Egypt-inspired ‘Sphinx Park’ stadium, the game continues its tradition of featuring ball parks in unique locales not typically associated with baseball. Along with the new stadium, 2 new batters, Brodie, the latest DJ sensation to hit the scene, and Larry Blitz, the legendary wide receiver will join the ranks to add more flavor to the game. 8 new gear and 5 new advanced skill cards will also add more strategic gameplay for veteran players.

Now You Can Promote Your Battler Cards

Also included in the update is the ability to promote existing batter cards. Promoted batters will receive an “Elite” designation and will be given a new appearance. Additionally, promoted batters will receive upgraded skills and bonuses to their stats for even more power.

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Other Features

The major update also features a complete overhaul of the game’s menu layout, as well as a myriad of minor improvements and changes for better convenience. Players will now find it much easier to access their rewards, game modes and clan-related content from the new layout.

You can read out the complete patch notes of Homerun Clash Season 2 Update via the Official Facebook Page of the Game.