'Dragon Tamer' By HAHA Happiness Gets A Beta Test

Hello Mobile Gamers, HAHA Happiness has released the beta test of its turn-based strategy mobile game 'Dragon Tamer' for Android devices. The beta test has already been started on 17th December, and the end date hasn't even been decided by the developers. As soon as the test overs, all the data will be wiped out, and the in-app purchases are unavailable during the test. 


In this game, you need to collect, breed, feed, raise, and train your dragons to form your team of dragons to compete with others. You will be matched with Tamers from all around the world to compete with them. There are over 300 dragons available in the game with unique skills and abilities which get unlocked as you proceed further.

You can build, expand, and decorate your dragon island, making it paradise for your dragons. Always keep in mind, the best strategy wins, so don't forget to change your dragon team at your turn to lead them to victory. So download Dragon Tamer's beta test and dive into the Dragon's world.

Click here to Downlaod Dragon Tamer Beta Test

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