Call of Duty Mobile: Simple Tips and Tricks To Win in Prop Hunt Mode

The latest update in Call of Duty Mobile has brought many new exciting content into the game. Well, if you ask me? I am really enjoying the latest added Prop Hunt Game mode. I have been playing it all day, and today in this post, I am going to share with you some simple Call of Duty Mobile Prop Hunt Mode tips and tricks which should help you win your next Prop Hunt match. So let's begin:


Don't be the odd one out.

If you are prop, your main objective is not to be the odd one. Let say you are a 'basketball' then stick to places where the players expect a basketball, Not running around on the floor. The best places to hide are near similar items and especially behind related items.

However, sometimes the countdown is too short to find the right place to hide. In such cases, the best thing is to stick somewhere quietly in a corner.

Use the Powers

As a prop, you have multiple options. You can displace duplicate of your prop on the battlefield, you can also change your prop type once, and lastly, you can also stun the enemies to run away.

Well, what will you do saving all these powers? So whenever you are not comfortable with your Prop type, make sure to change it immediately. Moving to the next step, make sure to place your duplicates on actual places to confuse the hunter and, in the end, use stun as a last resort to stun and run to keep yourself alive for some extra couple of seconds to earn more points.

Use your Bullets

You have infinite bullets, what will you do saving them? If you are on a hunter side, try looking for props that don't seem like they belong at that position, and don't hesitate to use your bullets as many times as you want to.

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Experience is Everything

Call of Duty Mobile Prop hunt mode is all about experience, the more number of times you will play the game, the better understanding you will get of the map. As slowly, you will know all the places of the props. Thus making it easier to hide as well as find other players.