PUBG Mobile Will Be Getting Drones Like COD Mobile

Hello Soldiers, in our earlier post, we told you that PUBG Mobile would be getting Deployable Shields, Grappling Hooks, and some other new features. But a new leak has been shared in a YouTube video that suggests; Drones are also being introduced to the PUBG Mobile. If you have ever played Call Of Duty Mobile, you might be aware of the drone system. 


But the things are going to be slightly different in PUBG Mobile as compared to COD Mobile. The drone in PUBG Mobile is going to be to a spying tool rather than a hunting machine-like COD Mobile. So the players will be able to scout an area before entering into it. The control system of drones is going to be the same as Helicopters in Payload Mode.

As of now, we are not aware where you can find these drones and what their range will be, which matters a lot in maps like Miramar. But in Battle Royale mode, it is going to help you out in finding the campers and snakes. 


Apart from the drone, PUBG Mobile has also introduced a trailer of the first episode of its web-series 'Dosti Ka Naya Maidan.' The first episode is getting released on 24th December, which will be followed by a release of the next episode each week. 

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