Dead By Daylight Mobile 1.1.0 Update Patch Notes

Behaviour Interactive has released the 1.1.0 version update in Dead By Daylight Mobile. For a better gaming experience, ensure you have updated the game to the latest version. In this post, we are going to share with you the complete patch notes of Dead By Daylight Mobile 1.1.0 update.


What's New:
- New Login Rewards Calendar for player on the newest game version
- Added button for Add-Ons with a Secondary Action
- Introduced Starter Rituals for new players
- Added Map Name upon game start
- Matchmaking balance changes to Rank system
- Added new customizations
- Removed WW2 Nurse Uniform

General Bug Fix:
- Fixed issue where audio cuts off mid-game
- Fixed issue where dull and hex totems looked the same
- Fixed issue where Bloodmarket is empty after second force refresh
- Fixed issue where some devices need to reboot the app in order to receive friends and party invitations
- Fixed bug where The Spirits was invisible at certain angles when wearing specific outfits
- Fixed bug where pallets have collision in-game if broken using Spirit Fury
- Fixed bug where Hunt Rituals cannot be completed
- Fixed bug where the perk Open-Handed wasn't working
- Fixed bug where Claudette's Earthly Delights customization was missing
- Updated overlay for Survivors infected by The Plague's Killer Power
- Fixed the missing collisions in Father Campbell's Chapel
- Fixed the tokens for the perk Furtive Chase
- Fixed the tokens for the perk Save the Best for Last
- Fixed the missing timer for The Nurse's Killer Power
- Fixed bug where blood can be seen on a locker when an injured Survivor is hiding inside

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