Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 December Update - Giga Inferno, Royal Champions, Yeti and More)

Hello Clashers, finally, the biggest clash of clans update of all time is just around the corner. Thus we have summed up everything which is going to be added to the game in this post. So gear up to know about everything you need to know about Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 and the new December update.



New Theme

The theme of Town Hall 13 is Dark Elixir and Ice. You’ll notice the color palette of the buildings is suited to match the theme. The Cannons, the Walls, the Town Hall…Supercell has given everything a bit of a colder, frosty feeling.

New Defense

Town Hall 13 comes with its own brand new signature defense, the Giga Inferno. Like the Giga Tesla, the Giga Inferno is the biggest sibling of the Inferno tower family defenses, and can be upgraded on several levels. Each new level increases its effectiveness.

New Troops

1. Royal Champions

The Royal Champion is a brand-new Hero, whose fearless tenacity and fierce aggression is sure to rain destruction down on her foes. Hailing from the frosty lands of Town Hall 13, she’s levelled using Dark Elixir. Not only does her spear mercilessly cleave through troops and buildings alike, her Seeking Shield ability allows her to throw her shield: it’ll target several defenses, and inflict considerable damage to a lot of targets, regardless of range.

2. Yeti

The Yeti is a powerhouse of a unit. It brings a new interesting mechanic to your offensive and defensive strategies. On his back… He carries a lot of Yetimites. Although the Yeti has strong close-ranged attacks, when the Yeti takes damage, the Yetimites will jump out, and seek revenge against the attackers.

The Yeti can’t go over walls, but the Yetimites can. Finally, when the Yeti is defeated, the Yetimites will come out of the backpack when it falls and also swarm defenses.

New Units

1. Seige Barracks

The Siege Barracks is an entirely new kind of Siege Machine. The Siege Barracks don’t fly or drive towards any particular target like the previous Siege Machines do. Instead, you drop it like you would your regular Clan Castle troops. The Barracks will gracefully parachute down from the sky, and, like a circus car full of clowns all cramped together, they’ll begin to deploy their payload.

But here’s the twist: you don’t need Clan Castle troops inside to get it to deploy troops. It has troops of its own. When you deploy it, there’s a hitpoint bar. The hitpoint bar will start ticking down, and the Barracks will release the pre-selected troops. Finally, when it gets destroyed, the Clan Castle troops will come out. You can also deploy troops whenever you want by tapping the button again.

2. Scattershot

Scattershot launches projectiles that break apart after hitting the target aiming at. The fragments of shrapnel then do a cone-shaped blast damage that deals additional damage to the units behind the initial target, kind of like a shotgun.

The Scattershot hits both air and ground targets. Nothing is safe from its attacks.

New Building Levels

Apart from these exciting new units, Supercell has got a bunch of new stuff that you’ll be able to upgrade in the update too. Several buildings will get upgrade levels for Town Hall 13. Also, multiple troops will get new levels once your lab is fully upgraded.


Now it will be possible to move decorations to the side of the village where there’s this tiny little grass patch.