Table Top Racing: World Tour - Nitro Edition Has Been Released On iOS Appstore

Table Top Racing was dropped in 2013 by Playrise Digital on iOS a year later it got released on android and later on other platforms. But the latest 'Nitro Edition' was already available on Switch, and now has been released on for iOS devices as well. Check out the trailer below:


It's a racing game, but here's a catch you don't get to race out on the road, so where do you race exactly? Your race in a house with your miniature vehicles which are capable of doing many things. The track may be located from anywhere to the dining table to the living, or it can even go around the backyard, but the aim is to outrun other vehicles and win the race.

There around 16 types of vehicles ranging from old looking classic cars to modern supercars, and you get various power-ups to grab along the way, which gives you an edge over your opponents. There are various weapon choices like "spike wheels" or even nuking with missiles.

You also get to upgrade vehicles by making them more stronger and faster and durable throughout the game. The game includes a single-player campaign as well as multiplayer where you can race with up to 8 racers on different tracks.


The World Tour edition is also available on Steam and is also out now on iOS Appstore.

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