Pre-Registration For ‘Arknights’ Has Officially Begun

Yostar Games, the developer of Arknights has just launched the official website of the Arknights, with this they have also opened the floor for Pre-Registration of Arknights for both android and iOS users. Other than this Yostar Games has also launched a brand new official game trailer for Arknights which you can have a look at below.


For the players unaware let you tell you that Arknights is a Mobile RPG game in which a natural disaster is ranging everywhere, there are a number of mysterious minerals which have appeared on the sept-land are known as the ‘Source Stone’. But now by relying on the advancement of technology, the energy of ‘Source Stone’ makes civilization enter the modern era faster.

At the same time, this stone has also spawned the existence of ‘infected persons’. These infected persons absorb strength and misfortune, and by becoming a part of them, they are also trying to bring a new order in the world with the ‘Source Stone’. Now, this war conspiracy is a new obstacle to our confrontation with natural disasters.

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In Arknights as a member of Rhode Islands, The players will get to join the public leader of the island Amia, helping the victims, hiring people into high-risk areas after the impact of natural disasters, dealing with disputes and fighting the integration campaign. Are you ready?

As mentioned in the title, Yostar has just started taking Pre-Registration for Arknights via its official website. And various in-game rewards are promised to the Pre-registered users when Aknights is globally launched.