Strike Ops Game Review: Does It Worth The Download?

Strike Ops is a first-person shooter designed for the mobile platform developed by Fire Shrike Games which can be played on Android devices and is around 175MB in size. This game aims to deliver similar gaming experience to Call of Duty but is far from coming any close to it.


This game feels like it’s in its early stages, still in development. Very slow-paced and has this missing fluidity which just drops the overall playing experience. Frequent stutters and performance drops are often noticeable. The settings menu also needs to refresh and some few controls I feel are needed to be added, like sensitivity and redefining controls.

For the majority of the game, the player is locked to one character and feels repetitive. Only when you unlock new characters, you can use a different variety of guns. Unlocking these characters can be a pain and take a lot of time as the rewards offered after each game just don’t parallel with requirements to unlock the above mentioned. So the majority of the game you are just playing with the default rifle which makes the game boring over time.

The other evident issue that the game has is the maps. The maps feel so underdeveloped and random and often sided to on the team. The grenade mechanics is just unnatural and just very uninspiring why doesn’t want you to get back to the game and play. The ads system is also broken as I myself prefer a secondary shooting button when imp in ADS, which is just there in the game (Yes I’ve tried to search for it in the settings).

The game also lacks a variety of game modes, and there is only one game mode – “Battle” which the users can play which just shows how repetitive the game is and can get boring real quick which might make the players reluctant from playing further. The addition of traditional FPS game modes like Defuse, Sniper only, or a battle royale might just add a bit more fun to the overall gaming experience.

But I have to give the developers credit where it’s due, to pull off a project like this. Lots of time and attention have been given to small details like the running animation and the switch to ADS is very fluent and feels immersive. It’s just the small minuscule things that make the overall gameplay a bit off normal, which over the course of a few updates can show some great potential. Strike Ops can be downloaded from Google Playstore.