Baldimore's High School - Survival Horror Mod Game Review: Best Horror Adventure Game

Originally released on, Baldimore's Highschool received a warm reception on Play Store recently. It is a horror game that draws inspirations from prominent horror franchises like Five Nights at Freddy’s, Granny, and most importantly Baldi’s Basics. After becoming part of a Game Jam in 2018, Baldi’s Basics gained a lot of attention. Initially, it was started as an education game before the developers added a sharp horror twist to it.


In the former game, Baldi who is your high school teacher guides throughout the game – giving you regular hints about how to progress further. However, there comes a point, where Baldi turns heel and snaps you to hunt you down with a ruler. A critical concept that somehow still manages to draw large fanbase towards this horror game. However, Baldimore’s Highschool is one step ahead in delivering the horror gaming experience through its scary visuals. The eye glowing monsters in the game also look very scary. As the storyline says, you wake up at the night in high school not knowing how you got there. You then hear someone’s footsteps and discover that the door is a lock. Your task is to survive the scary night and try to escape the school by using various items hidden in Baldimore’s High School.

There are lots of Puzzle, Hidden rooms, Special Items, in this game. The dark secret about the scary Red Balloons will also blow your mind. The AI of the game is very powerful. Baldi gets smarter as you progress in each level further. The game has excellent graphics and supports offline playing options. Baldi can also hear and track you down with the help of the other AI’s. In the latest update, a map is also available which is very useful for you to track the hidden puzzles.

However, the game has only a single-player option. Multiplayer options would make the game more appealing. Also, in some levels, the game lags. There is an optimization issue that needs to be solved by the developer. The game runs add-free, and the in-app purchases are very cheap and affordable. Baldimore’s High School is available on Google Playstore.