Call of Duty Mobile Is Getting A New Map ‘Meltdown’

Call of Duty Mobile already has a great collection of maps from various Call of Duty games and its a fact. From Nuketown to Crash players have been enjoying the game a lot. But won’t you be happier if we tell you that a New Map is soon going to be added to Call of Duty Mobile.


So recently a video of Garena Call of Duty Mobile has been leaked. The Video is actually a tutorial on ‘Domination’ game mode. But in this new video, you can clearly see the new map, many times. And this new map is none other than Meltdown, which is from Call of Duty Black Ops II.

Now coming to the questions, When is this new Meltdown Map being added to Call of Duty Mobile? Well as of now, no official announcement has been made from the developers, but considering the video, we can see that the New map is already tested out, so we can expect this new map in call of duty mobile in the very next update itself.

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About Meltdown Map: It is a nuclear power plant, located in Pakistan. It features five main sections, the first two being the reactor chimneys, third and fourth being the two-story reactor controls, and the cooling fluid disposal area. The map encourages medium-range engagments overall.