Call of Duty Mobile Zombie Mode Releasing Tomorrow?

If you were one of the Beta Player of Call of Duty Mobile, you would know that Zombie mode was not ready at Beta Version time also and player were not allowed to play. However, it been almost over 2 months since Call of duty mobile has been soft-launched and one month since it has been globally launched but still there are no signs of Zombie Mode coming into the game.


But recently a screenshot has been revolving around the Call of Duty Mobile Community which claims that the Call of Duty Mobile Zombie Mode will be releasing very soon.

Update: According to recent news Call of Duty Mobile Zombie Mode and 4 New Maps will be added in Season 2 of the game.

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Before you jump in joy, let us inform you that this is not an official news and neither Activision nor Tencent has yet confirmed about this. But if it is true, players definitely wound't mind such a surprise. So what is in your mind it's coming now or later?