EVE Echoes Open Beta To Begin From December 2019

After the closed beta test, which was only limited to High-End Mobile phones and a couple of hundred people around the globe. Lucky, we were one of the selected few, and EVE Echoes seemed pretty decent to us. Anyways it's time for the players to decide for themselves.


CCP and NetEase Games hast just announced that an Open Beta test of Eve Echoes is scheduled for December 2019. They even shared an announcement trailer, which you can have a look at below:

Other than this, the developers have also announced new social media handles for EVE echoes, and they have promised to keep the players updated with every upcoming news about the game via these channels. Beginning from now, you can also Pre-Register for this upcoming Eve Echoes Open Beta via the Official website.

About Eve Echoes: EVE Online is a popular space-based MMORPG game developed and published by CCP Games. And it is now getting a Mobile Version thanks to the partnership between NetEase Games and CCP Games. The Mobile version of EVE Online is titled as ‘EVE Echoes‘ and it is expected to globally release by the end of this year.