Pre-Register for Family Island - Farm Game Adventure

Hello Mobile Gamers, Melsoft Games has started taking pre-registration of its mobile game 'Family Island - Farm Game Adventure' on both Android and iOS devices. This is a fun management game, in which you are on a tropical island which is full of surprises and there you enjoy an action-filled adventure. On this island, a family is living and now you are supposed to help them in building everything they need as well as you manage all the natural resources for survival.


In Family Island, you basic job is cutting down trees, collecting vegetables and fruits, mining stone. You also need to explore ths surroundings to discover the items which can be used on this adventure and also have to meet the needs or requests of the family, that is giving you shelter. In this game, you have a limited amount of energy, so you have to use it smartly, if you run out of energy then you can't keep on working and have to wait for regain.

Also, to earn something extra get rid of certain objects, and while collecting items keep on moving forward all over the island. By discovering the new places, you will expand the resources and storehouse in order to create and discover new recipes that will help you in making the island more productive. So get ready for experiencing the stone age adventure in a whole new world and pre-register for Family Island - Farm Game Adventure from the link given below.

Click here to Pre-Register on Android

Click here to Pre-Order on iOS

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