Get Free 400 CP via Call of Duty Mobile Official Giveaway

Well, its no shame to accept that the majority of us have 0 CP in Call of Duty Mobile and we do not plan to buy them anytime soon. But what if I tell you that Call of Duty Mobile is giving away 400 CP to random players and you can win it too. So have you decided which new gun to buy? because we are going to teach you to step by step how you can get free 400 CP in Call of Duty Mobile by taking part in its official giveaway event.


Here is how you can take part in Call of Duty Mobile free 400 CP giveaway event:

  1. Like Official Garena Call of Duty FB Fan Page.
  2. Go the Offical Quiz and Answer all questions.

There are 7 Questions in the Call of Duty Mobile Free 400 CP Giveaway Quiz and we believe that if you answer all the questions correctly then there are more chances of you winning. So we have mentioned all the correct answers for you below.


Q: How many maps are there in CODM?

A: There are 9 Maps in Call of Duty Mobile

Q: In solo queue, can an Emulator player play with a Mobile player?

A: No

Q: You will only play with emulator players if you invite a friend who uses one into your team.

A: True

Q: How long will hackers be banned for?

A: 10 Years

Q: Which one of the below is a SMG?

A: Chicom

Q: What is our GM's name?

A: Price


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Please note: That this is a time-limited event. So hurry up and make sure you do take part in it before it is over. So That's for this post, good luck and do let us know in the comments if you won or missed the chance.