How To Get Free Gems On Clash Royale

After writing about how to get free gems in Clash of Clans, I decided to discuss another game from Supercell, which I genuinely adore, called Clash Royale. While the game is relatively newer, I enjoy Clash Royale as much as I did with Clash of Clans because I love strategy games. Since the game is … Read more

Clash Royale – A Mobile Game To Teach Fighting Spirit

Clash Royale game by Supercell can be your best fighting experience game. Whether defending your region or entering and attacking other regions, the game has it all. You have to keep your mind open all the time while playing and taking actions in the game. You have to keep an eye on the enemies all … Read more

Clash Royale Season 11 Brings A Free Emote For Everyone

Season 11 is now live in Clash Royale; the new seasons come will a lot of new and exciting content. But what’s more exciting is that Supercell will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary on this coming 14th of May 2020. Don’t you dare tell me you don’t know Supercell? It is a mobile game development … Read more

Clash Royale Season 6 Update Patch Notes

Season 6 of Clash Royale is all set to release on 2nd December 2019, and it’s filled with crazy updated and a lot of new exciting stuff. But as we have already talked about that in our previous post so we will not discuss it all over again. Today in this post, we are sharing … Read more

Clash Royale Season 5 (November Update) Balance Changes

Supercell is all set to release Season 5 in Clash Royale with this November Update on 4th November 2019. This new update will, as usual, bring some balance changes and if you want to keep your win streaks alive in Season 5, you better check out this complete details of Clash Royale Season 5 Balance … Read more

Clash Royale Season 4 New Card ‘ELIXIR GOLEM’ Revealed

In the last TV royale video, we were given a sneak-peak of the new card which is going to make it to Clash Royale with the Season 4 update on 7th October 2019.

However, no other information was shared with us at that time. But today Clash Royale has just uploaded a new video on their official youtube channel which reveals the new card which is called ‘Elixr Golem’.

Clash Royale End September Update Complete Details

Another TV Royale video have been published, and it’s time for us to decode it for you guys and find out what exactly is everything that is coming to this Clash Royale End Septemeber 2019 Update. But beginning let us tell you that in short this update is not a major update, it is more … Read more

Clash Royale: Season 4 Arena Leaked!

Well, you gotta expect we all kinda already knew that Season 4 of Clash Royale will follow the Halloween Theme and In a recent tweet by Supercell Community manager Seth, you get to see the new arena behind the cards which kind of confirms everything for us. All we have to say is that the … Read more

Clash Royale Season 3: Complete Details of September 2019 Update

Hello Clash Royale Players, We hope you all are already very excited about Clash Royale Season 3. Well, you definitely should be as the theme of the Season 3 and Clash Royale September Update is ‘Legendary’ so you can expect loads of new legendary updates in the game. Including Tower Skins, New Arena, New Rewards … Read more

Clash Royale August Balance Changes Update

Hello Clash Royale Fam, probably you already know this but still let us tell you one more time. That New Balance changes are almost here in Clash Royale. The balancing update will take place on Today, 5th August 2019 and it will bring changes to 6 cards. Let’s Find out in detail: Clash Royale August … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Clash Royale July Update

Hello Clash Royale Players, Supercell has been giving a lot of Sneak-Peaks about this upcoming July Update and finally, in the latest TV Royale video, they have shared the complete details of the Upcoming Clash Royale July Update. The Clash Royale July update is going to bring a Pass Royale, Season 1, Towers skins, New … Read more

Clash Royale is Getting a New Legendary Card in the Next Update

Recently Clash Royale on its official Twitter account has shared a sneak-peak of the upcoming new card in the game. Clash Royale tweeted a picture of an anchor and said ‘Like Ram Rider, this new Legendary character will be bringing a unique mechanic to Clash Royale‘. If we have to take a guess, we will … Read more

Clash Royale June 2019 Balance Update: Complete Details

Hello Clash Royale Players, from the very beginning the developers of Clash Royale has been always performing balance updates to cards in the game to keep the game in a healthy state. And now it’s time for the June Balance update. On 3rd June 2019 Clash Royale will get a new balance update, and here … Read more