English Version Of Octopath Traveler: Champions Of The Continent is Coming Soon

Hello Mobile Gamers, Octopath Traveler Tairiku no Hasha whose English translation is Octopath Traveler: Champions Of The Continent was revealed by the developer Square Enix in the month of March. This is mobile Role-Playing Game (RPG) which is a prequel of its PC/Switch JRPG Octopath Traveler. Before any further information have a look of the Octopath Traveler: Champions Of The Continent trailer below.


Recently Square Enix twitted more information about Octopath Traveler: Champions Of The Continent on their official twitter handle. The tweet was in Japenese but at the end of that, there was an English translation of the same for the global audience. In this tweet, they mentioned that they decided to bring the mobile version of the game to make Octopath Traveller available to more players. This tweet was mainly focused on the Japenese version of the game. But there was something interesting with which the tweet concluded: “About other development plans, please wait for further information “.

The developers are currently working on launching Octopath Traveler: Champions Of The Continent first in Japan, and an announcement will be made on a later date regarding the English version of the game. Talking about the gameplay, the main campaign of the game will last till the 60 hours with more new content and regular updates. But the gameplay will have some deviations as compared to the game. Now the battles will be featuring 8 characters instead of 4 and also there will be three distinct stories at the beginning. So get ready for Octopath Traveler: Champions Of The Continent, you will soon get to play the game in your mobile devices.

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