Farm Punks Game Review: Build, Sell & Run

Developed by the Noodlecake Studios which has a history of interesting and unique games, there is no doubt in saying that Farm Punks is nothing less than them with its unique story, design, and gameplay. Set between the greenery this farmland is no less than a dream, where you will be farming but in no ordinary way. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. Let's find more about this colorful game in this game review.


Welcome to the game land where birds chirping, chickens clucking, sheep jump, and fruit roll. Yes, it's an ideal Farm surrounded by trees, sheep, huts, waterfall and many more. How lovely! Sam, the game assistant welcome us in this beautiful fruit farm showing us what we will be doing here next. Here you will have to plant trees on the owned plots so that you can get fruits that will be sold later to earn money. Also, you can buy new plots and plant new trees which will be unlocked further in the game. You have to keep upgrading the trees to pace up their growth and to make it more valuable. It does not end here you have to pick fruits from the tree and roll these punks to collect, cash, gold and unlock numerous rewards. With fruits limited energy you have to roll to the stacks of cash to complete the level. To make fruits roll faster, unlock gliders and grounders from the garage. Upgrade the fruit cannon to give your fruit better kickstart. Discover various new fruits to roll in the farm. The controls are easy, all you have to do is slide your finger on the screen and roll the fruits.

You also got a dog house with an adorable pet dog which spends half of his time digging. It will help you to collect cash even if you are out for work, he will collect a great amount of cash for you making it easy to get cash without any difficulty. However, finding golds in the game is a little bit harder and plots can only be purchased by golds.

The game graphics, sound, surroundings are all nice and peaceful which makes this game more interesting and fun to play. The odd thing is it takes so long to load and ads are too long to revive the fruits. If you overlook these glitches the game is simple and you don’t have to wait long for the fruits to grow or for the rewards. The characters are adorable and cute. Seeing and playing the characters rolling, jumping on the ground is too entertaining. The game challenge is to unlock these fruity characters and earn cash. 

Overall the game is good, fun and is a mood booster. You will enjoy playing with these little punks. If you wanna kill your time or make your mind fresh then go for it. These punks will lift your mood, fresh your mind and help you kill your time if stuck somewhere. Farm Punks is available to download on both Google Play Store & iOS App Store.