Solitaire Showtime: Tri Peaks Solitaire Free & Fun is Available for Pre-Registration

Hello Mobile Gamers, 231 Play has started taking pre-registrations of its new mobile game 'Solitaire Showtime: Tri Peaks Solitaire Free & Fun' on both Android and iOS devices. This is a new Solitaire Game, in which you play Solitaire with a twist and have a magical blast. You enter in the magical world of Solitaire Showtime and join the Super Cute Cat & Bunny in this fun Solitaire Card Game for free. You can pre-register for Solitaire Showtime: Tri Peaks from the link given at the end of this post. Before that have a look of Solitaire Showtime: Tri Peaks trailer below.

Solitaire Showtime: Tri Peaks Solitaire Free & Fun is also known as 'Solitaire Showtime' and is the best tri-peaks solitaire and solitaire golf game mix. This game will take you through amazing worlds and is better than spades and more interactive than mahjong. In this game, you can also play with your friends and can also team up in clubs to play together and gift big rewards.

Solitaire Showtime is similar to Klondike, pyramid solitaire, mahjong, classic solitaire, and free cell solitaire. If you have enjoyed playing gin rummy, freecell, pinochle, spit, spoons, three peaks, spit, taki or yaniv then Solitaire showtime is the free solitaire game for you! So get a center stage seat to Solitaire magic and pre-register for Solitaire Showtime from the link given below.

Click here to Pre-Register on Android

Click here to Pre-Order on iOS

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