Men In Black: Global Invasion Game Review — Super Agent With Super Aliens

Hello, gamers! Today we brought you the game review of Men In Black: Global Invasion mobile game, developed by Ludare Game Group. Get yourself in the adventure with the MIB team in this official mobile game of MIB. Here, you will be welcomed as a Rookie Agent at MIB headquarters, where you indeed clash with aliens and protect the Earth in MIB style. This game runs online and has in-app purchases. You can download it for both Android and iOS devices. Let’s dig deep into the review of MIB: Global Invasion to know more about this location-based AR game.


As you are now MIB agent, get dressed up in those black suits, name yourself, and get set ready to capture some aliens, actually more than forty aliens. As it is an official game for MIB: International you get to choose between Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, although you never get to see their factual glimpse in the game still, their animatic 3D model is enough to rush adrenaline. It is an AR technology-based game where you Pokemon-go with MIB. The game objective is the same as its movie. Defeat aliens and save the world, no searching for the mole in the organization, though. There are various aliens of different style, structure, which you have to capture by hitting them. You will be needing a lot of energy to get aliens. Capturing aliens is not so easy, for every alien there is limited energy and you have to capture them before it runs out. You can also play it in the virtual world and without in AR which makes it easy to play from anywhere, without hurting your surroundings. 

The game graphic and sound are commendable after some time game music becomes repetitive but it can be easily ignored. The game moves smoothly until unless your connectivity comes in the scene. The innovation level is low, as it is MIB game more is expected from it but otherwise, the game is interesting and good to go for MIB fans.

The game is in development mode so it lacks some features which will be arriving soon. With the updated version you can choose other accessories for your 3D model like glasses, face, body, clothes and on top of that Vehicle. Sounds interesting. But we have to wait for the updates. It also has Campaign mode which has to be unlocked where you can form up your team and fight with opponents and can earn lots of rewards, cash, and weapons if won. There are daily rewards to earn. As you defeat the aliens the game level will pace with unlocking the various inventories.

Overall, the game is super fun where you have to capture alines, from ugliest to hottest. There are different worlds to explore, different weapons to unlock. The best part of the game is Aliens which made the game super challenging. You will also get to use the MIB guns from the film which you can purchase from the store. It is highly recommendable for MIB fans but would be superb if we get to see a glimpse of Agent J & Agent K. 
You can become MIB Agent and start your mission from — Google Playstore & Apple Appstore