Penguin's Isle Game Review

Hey Guys!! We are back with another game review. If you guys love to play some cute animation games with lots of fun then this one is for you. In this post, we are going to share a game review on a very adorable game which is Penguin's Isle. This is a very interesting simulation game developed and published by The game has no action but then also its simplicity is quite charming and attractive. All you need is to build a penguin island for different kinds of penguin. Although, you observe is the life of penguins living like a human being and how their life is. The game is recently released and is getting a very positive response from the gamers. The game is having very good gameplay and in-game surroundings. The graphics and sound of the game are quite soothing to the players.

The main objective of the game is to raise them and build the most comfortable and healing penguin home which is their island. The island can include fishing, farming, livestock and many more for their livelihood. There are not just only penguins but also a variety of penguins and arctic animals. The game starts with the lone island than just create your metropolis and inhabit the cute penguins and their pals. You can build out many structures on an island as per your need. All the different penguins have their jobs or skills, with builders, fishermen, and farmers among them so, use them wisely according to the type of work.

The game is very simple and soothing. The atmosphere and the surrounding of the game are quite beautiful and comfortable. The good thing about the game is that it’s not much addictive just play whenever you are free it makes the player relaxed. The simple soundtrack has been a joy to listen to so far, matching the general look of the game perfectly. The game is also suitable for playing for a while before going to bed. It’s just a nice time, that you can play it at any time it even doesn’t stress at all. The controls of the game are quite easy everything is operated on just a single tap on the screen. The only concern of the game is that there are too frequent ads while playing which distract a lot and lack of features to make it more interesting so that player would not get bored for long term playing. Overall, the gaming experience is quite good and comfortable. Penguin’s Isle is available to download on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store.