TokoToko An AR Game Releasing For iOS on 3rd October

Hello Mobile Gamers, Kalank has announced its new mobile puzzle game 'TokoToko' which is releasing for iOS devices on 3rd October and for Android devices, it is planned in next year. It is an Augmented Reality (AR) game in which you draw the objects on paper to solve the puzzles and the game's character will interact with them. Like, you draw a boat so that the main character of the game Hako, who is a cat can cross the river. So this time, instead of writing, you are supposed to draw the solutions of puzzles and also by blowing on the screen you can create winds for the boat sails. Have a look of the TokoToko trailer below.


The characters of the TokoToko like Hako the cat are called TokoTokos, they are all creative artist types with different personalities. There are other characters also, such as; Azuko, a lion, who is a narcissistic painter. By drawing you will be helping out the TokoTokos in escaping from the Writer's Block in which they all are trapped in. The developers have said that the art style for these characters is inspired by clay and stop-motion.

TokoToko will be an episodic game which will have three episodes, the first episode will be available to buy in October. If you buy the first episode, then you will get the second and third episodes of the game for free and it will also include a sandbox mode as well as new characters and environments. This game will be available for 3.49 euros or £2.99 or $2.99.

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