Rick Ross Gets His Own Port of Miami 2 Game On Facebook

Remember the good old days? When people used to build up a facebook account just to play the game. Yea feels like a Decade old thing, but trust us when we say that a huge public is still loves facebook gaming work and facebook is also leaving no stones unturned to retain its users and save itself from the dominating Playstore and Appstore who are continuously snatching away it's customers.


Anyways we will have a good discussion on Facebook Gaming in some other post, but for now what's important is that Famous Rapper Rick Ross has released his own instant game on facebook called 'Port of Miami 2: Born To Drive'. The game is developed by Sony Music UK’s 4th Floor Creative studio and It is believed to be a first-ever artist-led Instant Game and it's a super fun casual game which you all should try.

Click Here to Play Port of Miami 2: Born To Drive

'Port of Miami 2: Born To Drive' is a simple casual game, created with a motive to listen to songs and kill some time. In the game, you get to drive around Miami in Rick's Car and your aim is to score as high as possible, beating other players. In Simple Words, it's Temple Run with cars.

So What are you waiting for? Head straight to the game to listen to the latest album of Rick Ross - Port of Miami 2 and have some fun.