SEGA Has Just Announced Football Manager 2020, And It's Coming on Mobile Very Soon!

If you ever played Football Manager 2019 then pretty sure you guys will jump in joy when we tell you then Football Manager 2020 has been officially announced today and it's coming soon on your mobile devices.


SEGA has just announced Football Manager 2020 Mobile and Football Manager 2020 Touch to be coming on both iOS and Android devices this year and a little surprise - The game will also be released on Google Stadia. Have a look at the game's announcement trailer:

In case you don't know the difference between the version let us tell you that Football Manager 2020 Mobile is the slimmed-down version for small screens, While Football Manager 2020 Touch is again a mobile version but for powerful tablets (also for Switch). Other than these two, the game will also have a PC version which is called Football Manager 2020.

When Will Football Manager 2020 Mobile and Football Manager 2020 Touch Release?

Football Manager 2020 Mobile And Football Manager 2020 Touch Edition will be released either on 1st November or 8th November 2019. However, these dates are just speculation and no official confirmation has been given by SEGA yet.

You can also have a look at the official website of Football Manager 2020 for more latest news and updates over the game and its release.