Identity V Review: Find what lies ahead

Identity V is a multiplayer horror game where you have to run for your life. Not too complicated just simply heart throbbing game which takes to download like half of your life to be on your phone. But once it is, this is the kind of mobile horror asymmetrical game you wanna play. Developed by NetEase Games, which has the history of giving some of the fantastic mobile games, this 2GB BIG game is worth to be on your phone. Until your phone has the capacity to swallow extra. So today in this post we are going to share with you guys an Honest Game Review of Identity V, So let's Begin:


The game starts interestingly with some enthralling graphics, into the woods, like some old spooky ghost story, where there is a stormy night with a big abandoned mansion where you have to investigate in. The background music is just enlivening the scene. The characters' dialogue with subtitles befitting the story. Your character starts with being a detective who has amnesia, with many underlying secrets of his own. The game will not present you where you have to use your mind much. Just simply follow the footprints imprinted by the game. Soon the story and secrets will start revealing which will grip you with the game.

The story moves in scenes which makes it interesting. You have given the option to adjust camera controls which I found not much of use. You can change characters costume even their behaviour and many more, which is quite interesting.

The game runs smoothly you can also set graphic quality according to the server; performance, high and low. Moving characters is a little bit uneasy, the camera movements are not very promising. However, the animations are enthralling. You will be also seeing ghostly figures and spooky characters.

Start playing by signing in from your social media profiles or simply play as a guest. It is a multiplayer game so you will be meeting other survivors too. So, save others and run for your life is what you will be literally doing in the game. Also, you are not limited to only one character, be both survivor and hunter.

The game is easy and interesting in the starting, guiding you in everything, the animation's facial expression and voice will make you feel everything for real. Here you will be getting clues as a reward. Collect memories on the completion of every chapter to unleash the hidden secrets.

Overall the game is good, interesting and horror. It will not send chills under your spine but it’s horrifying story surely will. You can also get a glimpse of the game on its official site. Identity V is now available to download on Google Play & Apple Appstore.