Hyper Light Drifter's Mobile Version Will Release on 25th July 2019

Hyper Light Drifter is developed by Heart Machine and it is a 2D action role-playing game and finally, the game is making it's way on iOS as Hyper Light Drifter: Special Edition, which will also have many new features which you will not find in any other version of the game.


The gameplay of Hyper Light: Drifter: Special Edition is looking pretty decent. You can check out the gameplay video below:

The release date of Hyper Light Drifter: Special Edition has already been officially announced and it is going global on 25th July 2019.

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Hyper Light Drifter: Special Edition will supports as high as 120fps for high-end devices and 60fps for all other recent iOS devices. So Make sure you guys do download and check out this Mobile Version of Hyper Light Drifter on your iOS devices on 25th July 2019.