Project A: Shengqu Games has Started Taking Pre-Registrations

Hello Mobile Gamers, in our last post we told you about the introduction of a new mobile MMORPG "Project A" by Shengqu Games. And now the developers have reached at the end stage of the development of the game and has started taking pre-registrations of "Project A", which you can do by going to the link given at the en of the post.

Shangqu Games confirmed that as the western-fantasy IP is not quite popular in the China, so there main attraction will be overseas plans for the “Project A”. It was claimed by the developers that it is an “Original IP” game despite using the settings of Dungeons & Dragons. The developers are using the Unity Engine and is also based on the Apple’s Metal Technology.

Shangqu Games has also revealed that they hired the music producer of The Wandering Earth, which is a hit Chinese movie, along with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, to create the game’s music. The developers have also hired various novelists to write new stories, which likely includes lore and in-game quests, so these have been added as Project A’s content. So what are you waiting for pre-register for the game from the below link.

Click here to Pre-Register for Project A

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