'Castle Clash: New Dawn' by IGG Has Been Soft-Launched

'Castle Clash: New Dawn' is a brand new real-time massive multiplayer strategy game developed by IGG. In the game, the players have to build an empire, and you even get to become allies with your online neighbor.


The game is somewhat similar to Clash of Clans, but with a twist. In Castle Clash: New Dawn, you can build all kinds of structures like watchtowers, gold factories, etc. You can then also level up these buildings whenever you find yourself in a need to do so.


However what makes the Castle Clash: New Dawn unique is its epic heroes, Starting out, your sidekick Sunna is here to help, but as you progress you'll discover a whole pantheon of deities to come to your aid including Hermes, Asterion, Heimdall, Thor, and Artemis. Plus, each hero can deploy a singular special attack during battle. Some skills allow you to inflict more damage on your enemies, while others heal your allies.

Battles in Castle Clash: New Dawn takes place in a Real-time. You have to deploy your units in order to send them into the battle. The game also gives you an option to manually activate your heroes special attack skills.

Castle Clash: New Dawn has been officially released in selected countries namely Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Macao. People living in these countries can simply download the game from Google Playstore. Others can download from TapTap and play using VPN.