'Stick Fight: The Game Mobile' by NetEase has been officially Released

If someone ever asks me the name of my favourite game developing company, then for sure my answer will be NetEase Game, because they release like 10 Games a month and each and every game is super fun to play.


Now coming to this post, let us tell you that 'Stick Fight: The Game Mobile' which is a brand new mobile game developed by none other than NetEase has been officially released for Android Users.

'Stick Fight: The Game Mobile' is the Mobile Version of 'Stick Fight: The Game' which has been one of the most popular games on PC. The gameplay is simple, there are 4 players who compete in an insane battle and the last man standing wins. But winning ofcouse won't be so easy as most of the maps are filled with traps, and piles of weapons falling from the sky.

In Stick Fight: The Game Mobile each match has 12 rounds, which are played on 12 different randomly generated maps. The game also features every kind of weapon from swords, spears to RPG and machineguns etc.

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Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is an absolute super fun wild 2D fighter game, which could not have been any better. The game is now officially available to download and you can try it now by simply visiting its Google Playstore page.