Top 5 New Mobile Games To Play in July 2019

Elemental Dungeon
Developer TBG Limited
Game Size 82 MB
Platform Android
Availability Google Playstore

Elemental Dungeon is an old school action-adventure game developed by TBG Limited. In the game, you get to explore a never-ending dungeon, killing monsters and solving mysteries. If you are are a 90’s kid you sure will love the graphics of the game, for the modern gamers, it can depend on your choices. The game will surely remind of you the good old days.

Dr. Mario World
Developer Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Game Size 93 MB
Platform Android, iOS
Availability Google Playstore and Appstore

Dr.Mario World is a Classic Match-three puzzler in which you will have to use pills to eliminate all the viruses, you motive in the game will be to keep clearing viruses until the cage of your opponents gets filled with viruses and he loses.

Before the Match Starts, you get to choose your main character. There are many characters from Mario Universe which you can choose from, Each one has a special ability. During the match, there is a skill meter which when filled let’s you use your special ability. Once you start a Match in Dr.Mario World, You and your Opponent, each has his own brick breaker stage. Your motive is to keep eliminating viruses from your end and send them to your opponents. The players whose cage get’s filled first looses, and obviously the other can now start boasting about his victory.

Extraordinary Ones
Developer NetEase game
Game Size 1.35 GB
Platform Android, iOS
Availability Google Playstore and Appstore

Extraordinary Ones is a 5 vs 5 Real-Time MOBA Batter. It is developed and published by Hero Entertainment and NetEase Games together. The game is influenced by Japanese Anime and it has more than 60 Unique heroes which you can choose from at the time of the battle.

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot
Developer Ubisoft Entertainment
Game Size 97 MB
Platform Android, iOS
Availability Google Playstore and Appstore

So The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a pure Hack and Slash game in which you crawl dungeons and raid epic castles. The main object of the game as the name suggests is to get the best possible treasure. So you have to loot the dungeons and also have to fight against a lot of enemies. As you might know that The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot was a windows game which was released in 2014 but the servers were closed in 2014, the mobile version is perfectly adapted according to the touchscreen devices and even offers a slightly simplified gameplay

Total Party Kill
Developer Adventure Islands
Game Size 26 MB
Platform Android, iOS
Availability Google Playstore and Appstore

Total Party Kill is a 2D Puzzler Developed by ‘Adventure Islands‘. The game provides for a very unique gameplay, unlike any other similar games. In Total Party Kill, there is an archer, a wizard and a warrior who has to escape a dungeon which is full of traps. In the game, you have to sacrifice some of your companions to move forward, which is something I personally found very unique and fun.