'Flashback' An Classic Adventure Game, Coming To Mobile Soon

If you are a kid of 90's you probably still remember the name 'Flashback'. It was one of the best adventure game the gaming industry has ever witnessed. Flashback was first released back in the '90s and last year it received a very good remastered PC and Console Version. Thus, Now it is finally time for a Mobile version of the game.


The original Creator of 'Flashback' Mr. Paul Cuisset and SFL interactive is working on bringing the game on both iOS and Android version. The newly remastered version of flashback will come will different graphics filters, a rewind feature, and a tutorial mode. With all this Flashback will also receive a remastered sound and brand new virtual controls.


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We know you are very eager to try out the game after watching the trailer, however, Flashback has not got any official release date. But according to us, Flashback will globally release before the end of this Summer. So Stay tuned with us for more upcoming updates on the game.